Draught Beer

Becks 5% - £4.00

Rattler 4% - £4.00

Estrella 5.4% - £4.70

Peroni 5% - £4.90

Devon Red 4.5% - £3.90

Eddystone Ale 4.5% - £3.90


Corona £3.90

Desperado £4.00

Prawn Juice £4.65

Old Mout Ciders £4.50
(Kiwi & Lime, Summer Berries)

Crabbies Alcoholic Ginger Beer £4.50

Becks Blue (no alcohol) £3.50

Brewdog Punk IPA £4.00

Prawn Juice: we made our own beer!

Nothing beats a cold beer in the sunshine by the sea, so given our dedication to good ale we decided to create our very own - Prawn Juice.
Working with award-winning local experts at South Hams Brewery in Start Bay, our goal was a quality beer that epitomised our beachside lifestyle.  The scent of the hops, the steam of the copper kettle and the natural science behind the ingredients - that’s what it’s all about. 
So after a glass or two we put our heads together and our very own bespoke ale was born – something unique to our homes in Salcombe and Polzeath that you can’t find anywhere else.  Naturally, we can’t tell you the secret ingredient, but suffice to say there is ‘Nothing Fishy About This Beer!’

Soft Drinks

Orange Juice 1/2 Pint £2.00
Apple Juice 1/2 Pint £2.00
Pineapple Juice 1/2 Pint £2.00
Cranberry Juice 1/2 Pint £2.00
FUSION £2.75
Orange & Passionfruit, Apple & Berry 
Coke £1.50/£2.50
Lemonade £1.50/£2.50
Appletiser £2.75
Old Jamaica Ginger beer  £1.80
Ting Jamaican Grapefruit Soda Fever-Tree Tonic £2.00

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